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Magic Step Sequencer

- a step sequencer for unity events -

Asset Content

  • An easy-to-handle-component
  • Works without coding and out-of-the-box
  • Just add the component and create a pattern that triggers unity events
  • Create complex patterns without loosing control
  • Ideal for triggering animations or changing objects in a sequence
  • Demo scene to create prefabs or presets.

Easy parametrization

Each step publishes a float value to the unity event to have a fine control over different parameters.


Patterns - the easy way

Ever used a step sequencer in music production? Than you know how this works.


Main Parameters

  • Targets - Count of targets (rows) in the sequencer.
  • Steps - Count of steps (columns) in the sequencer.
  • Time Pattern Multiplier - How fast the pattern is run through.
  • Loop - If the sequence repeats or stops after a single run.
  • Autostart - If the sequence start when component is started

The activation grid (Edit Mode)

Defines for each pattern step (column) and target (row) which event is fired (Publish Activation or Publish Deactivation).

Adding Events (Edit Mode, select target)

  • Pattern Name  - Name of the target / pattern / row 
  • Publish Activation - Event triggered if the toggle in activation grid is set
  • Publish Deactivation - Event triggered if the toggle in activation grid is off

Sequence Timing

Defines hold time for each pattern step in seconds.

Adjust the value matrix

Each cell is a float value that gets published with the activation / deactivation events (see "Adding Events" above).

Event API

  • Pause - Pauses the pattern sequencer
  • Stop - Stops the sequencer and resets position to  first pattern step 
  • Restart - Resets to the first pattern step and starts sequencer
  • Continue - Continues at the last pattern step
  • Set Time Pattern Multiplier - Each Timepattern-Value gets multiplied with this